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As a Microsoft Certified Developer, I developed an advanced GIS analysis tool that is used by numerous appraisal professionals across the United States

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Some things you should know about the Byram market.

Byram MS - Owners v. Renters

Owners v. Renters

Around 28% of the housing stock in Byram is occupied by renters. That's significantly less than the percentage in Hinds County (40.74%), and more similar to the Jackson metro area and the state of Mississippi.
Byram MS - Population Change

Population Change

Between 2000 and 2013, the population of Byram grew by an incredible 85.95%, in stark comparison to Hinds County, which actually declined by 2.23%, and far than Mississippi, which grew just 5.02%


Net Migration

The native population in Hinds County actually increased significantly (2009-2013), but overall population change was negative because of migration from Hinds County to other states and other counties in Mississippi.
Byram MS - Educational Attainment


The level of college education among the population of Byram is slightly higher than that of the surrounding populations of Hinds County and the Jackson metro area, and significantly higher than the state of Mississippi.

Hinds County Business Patterns

Business Payroll

Jobs in the health care and social assistance sectors accounted for almost 41% of the private payroll in Hinds County — almost twice the percentage in Mississippi. Payroll for manufacturing was just 4.65%, compared to 10.06% for the Jackson metro area and 19.46% for Mississippi.

Byram MS Housing Year Structure Built

Age of Housing

With almost 72% of the units constructed in 1999 or later, the housing stock of Byram is much newer than the housing stock in Hinds County, the Jackson metro area, and the state of Mississippi.

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Wyatt Roberts

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My appraisal experience includes professional office and medical office buildings, freestanding and multi-tenant retail buildings, industrial, warehouse, and office warehouse buildings, special purpose properties such as churches, sawmills, gymnasiums, and hospitals, multi-tenant residential properties, and much more.

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I’m a general certified appraiser with years of real estate appraisal experience with properties in Byram, Hinds County, and across the state of Mississippi.